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This is an open space. You can leave starters for threads here. Images, scenarios, action threads, &c.

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( Her birthday, while no longer a subject of such pain as they had been when she was younger, isn't exactly the day of great celebration that her niece thinks it should be. She will never be one of the Clayr, but there's still the aching sense of longing that comes with what has long since passed out of her reach that comes flooding back in the days that lead up to it. If the Dog was here -- but she isn't, and Lirael has to manage without the Dog to shake her out of her misery and memory.

Nick is an effective distraction, as are her duties as Abhorsen-in-Waiting. Lirael likes to think the Dog would be pleased with the nature of particular distraction, considering many of the things she'd said with regards to Lirael and young men. Her experience with this sort of thing was paltry (Ellimere had offered to share all she knew with Lirael in that way she had, much to her mortification) but they were managing in their own way. A way that was both new and terrifying but a comfort still, because Nick understood. She could talk to him like she couldn't anyone else, even Sam.

The fact she hadn't seen him for a day wasn't anything to worry about, she tells herself. They're both busy -- she's
busy, and perhaps he's found something occupy himself with in the palace. Not with Sam -- she saw him off doing something that would keep him occupied until dinner, and knowing he's free just means she has someone to spend a precious hour or two of free time with.

Not finding him in her quarters, Lirael heads to his, knocking quietly on the door before calling out.